Who we are: In our group of companies, extensive know-how in digitization, recruiting, content management, process management and promotions is available - in combination with cost- and resource-saving solutions, uncomplicated work and short distances. At our headquarters in Innsbruck, in the heart of Tyrol, we employ around 50 people.


The Institute of Microtraining®, which specializes in learning and knowledge management, the full-service software agency M-Pulso and the consulting and human resources management company Duftner & Partner have been part of the group for years. In 2020, our digital card solutions GmbH was founded, under whose umbrella the ErlebnisCard leisure systems converge, and Inn-Taler Gmbh. In 2022, further regions for digital payment system solutions followed with Tirol-Taler GmbH and Oberösterreich-Taler GmbH.


We listen to our clients and develop pinpoint agile mobile learning units that have a lasting impact. Our Institute of Microtraining® focuses on learning and knowledge management for companies of all sizes. Our innovative approaches such as the Micro-Method® as well as our digital learning technology optimally support companies in topics such as personnel development and knowledge transfer.

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