1. Who is Euro Craft?
    EURO CRAFT SAS is the leading B2B marketing and purchase group for construction & industry in Europe. EURO CRAFT was founded in 1995 by Groupe SOCODA S.A., France. The headquarter of the company is in Paris. At present, our cooperation comprises 5 European partners.


  1. Who are Euro Craft’s partners?
    Today, Euro Craft partners are considered the most important purchasing groups within the professional sector in their home markets:  Beside Groupe SOCODA (France), these are Zevij-Necomij (Netherlands and Belgium), Troy (UK & Ireland) and Nordwest (Germany) and 3e (Austria and 10 CEE countries)


  1. How can I become a supplier of Euro Craft?
    If you are interested in a cooperation with EURO CRAFT, please contact us to explore the opportunities EURO CRAFT may offer you. Based on your European activities, EURO CRAFT will conduct a market analysis and assess the potential of your company in our group. For more information, please contact us.

  2. What services does Euro Craft provides?
    EURO CRAFT offers you various services and introduces you to the European key decision makers. Our European organisation provides unique network opportunities. EURO CRAFT helps you to develop your business in Europe and to penetrate new markets with great efficiency. EURO CRAFT also offers European market intelligence and supplier assessment for a deeper orientation on the market. For more information on our services, please contact us.
  3. What supplier fits to Euro Craft?
    We are a European cooperation with European focus and so should be our suppliers. The key idea is to benefit from the European diversity and introduce our suppliers to new markets. EURO CRAFT suppliers are Europe oriented and could serve the European market in terms of distribution and logistics.
  4. How do I get a preferred supplier status?
    All referenced Euro Craft suppliers are preferred. Our partners have a focus on Euro Craft suppliers and support you. In the end, your ambition is to win as much as possible to get your own fair share within the relevant market.


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