A strong B2B partner organization since 1998! What started 25 years ago with a simple idea is now one of the leading B2B marketing and purchasing groups in the construction and industry sector and is indispensable in Europe. Sevensuccessful partners, over 25 active countries with turnover, around 3,000 members, 5,000 outlets and external sales of over €13 billion speak for themselves.



The main objective of Euro Craft is to strengthen the market positions of all partner companies through international cooperation. The focus is on efficient linking of interests, suppliers, logistics and services. We ensure cost efficiency and achieve results in the search for new markets, partnerships and solutions. Euro Craft is the network that enables the exchange of experience, ideas, as well as best practice and achieves synergies for all partners and their members.

BIG NEWS: New Euro Craft partner


Meno Group becomes new member of Euro Craft SAS!
Menouquin was founded in 1947 and evolved into the Meno Group, the first cooperative purchasing organisation in Belgium for independent traders of hardware, tools, DIY and household goods. 
We are very pleased to have gained another successful partner with Meno Group and we see the second entry of a buying association within this year as a confirmation of Euro Craft's strategic approach.

Welcome to EURO CRAFT SAS! We look forward to a good and successful cooperation! (Read more on LinkedIn)

Peer de Lange
(Managing Director of Euro Craft) 

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Today, EURO CRAFT SAS is the leading B2B marketing and purchase group for construction & industry in Europe. EURO CRAFT is a company under French law based in Paris and open for new capable partners who want to create the European B-2-B market together with us.

At present, our cooperation comprises 7 European partners: Beside Groupe SOCODA (France), these are Zevij-Necomij (Netherlands and Belgium), Troy Group (UK and Ireland), 3e (Austria and 10 CEE countries), Nordwest (Germany and many European countries), Neopro (Spain) and Meno Group (Belgium).


EURO CRAFT actively supports suppliers in expanding in the partner country organisations. Become part of a partnership with an internationally growing organization and the nationally leading B2B organizations for construction and industry.

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