Euro Craft

EURO CRAFT SAS is the leading B2B marketing and purchase group for construction & industry in Europe. EURO CRAFT was founded in 1995 by Groupe SOCODA S.A., France. The headquarter of the company is in Paris. At present, our cooperation comprises 5 European partners: Beside Groupe SOCODA (France), these are Zevij-Necomij (Netherlands and Belgium), Troy (UK & Ireland) and Cecofersa (Spain and Portugal) and 3e (Austria and 10 CEE countries). In their home markets the partners are considered the most important purchasing groups within the professional sector with more than 1100 associated dealers and more than 2450 outlets. Our partners are active in 17 countries in Europe. We are open for new capable partners who want to create the European B-2-B market together with us.

General Manager: Peer de Lange


Our targets

The major aim of Euro Craft is to strengthen market positions of all partner entities by joining their international purchasing forces and ensuring successful future through the intelligent linking of interests, suppliers, logistics and services. We provide cost efficiencies and drive results in the search for new markets, partnerships and solutions. Euro Craft is a network that enables the exchange of experiences and best practices.

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