Thanks to the excellent interaction of the business fields DACHSER Road Logistics and DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics with warehouse activities, the company covers all logistics disciplines at the highest level. In addition DACHSER DIY Logistics combines standard services with specific logistics solutions and the company's industry expertise. Global Specialists maintain close contact with local retailers and suppliers and provide comprehensive advice on opportunities on the supplier and retail side.

DACHSER DIY Logistics Pipeline

With the DACHSER DIY Logistics Pipeline, you are offered a complete industry-specific solution. The service modules form a seamless service chain from the supplier to the point of sale and to the consumer, thus controlling a continuous flow of goods to the markets. Transparent logistics processes prevail along the supply chain, which are controlled via DACHSER's own IT applications. This makes DACHSER the exclusive logistics service provider for system-enabled general cargo and warehousing.

Cooperation with Euro Craft

Together with Euro Craft DACHSER offers various services and introduces you to the European key decision makers. The key idea is to benefit from the European diversity and introduce the suppliers to new markets. Especially in the Home & Garden Improvement-industry, DACHSER has more than 25 years of experience and is therefore a leading expert. Would you like to learn more about DACHSER as a partner in the DIY, construction and garden industry? Take a look at the DACHSER website: 

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